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Current Events:

  1. -1/7/2010 District Board Meeting and Pension Board Meeting Station 1 @ 1800 (6 PM)

Winter Slash Burning

    Elk Creek Fire Protection District’s Fire Marshall can assist you with obtaining all the proper burn permits and answer any questions by calling 303.816.9385, Monday - Friday, during normal business hours. Don’t Wait Mitigate!

Important warning on Cold Ash Fires

    Clean out and store “cold” ashes in a METAL CAN with a lid. NEVER store ashes in boxes or plastic or place them on your deck. “Cold” ashes can stay warm enough to start a fire for up to 7 days.

    Can we find you?

    Make sure that your home is clearly addressed with reflective numbers to assist emergency personnel in finding you if and when you need help. You may need to address your driveway a well as your house. Elk Creek’s Support Team

has these on sale for $10.00, contact us for info.